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Bubble Soccer Official Rules



Each team starts like a Football (NFL) style running start from each side.


There is no rule for offsides in Bubble Soccer.


Goalies are not allowed in bubble soccer. A space of 5-10 feet should be kept around the goal when there is no immediate action with the ball close to a goal.

Safety on the field

  • No Sandals
  • No Jewelry
  • No Glasses
  • No Cleats
  • No Flying Hits (no jumping or lunging forward and leaving feet to spear the opposing player)
  • No Hitting Someone From Behind When They Aren’t Looking

Game Length

  • 5 minute (time may very) mini games (running clock)
  • Brief break between each mini game.
  • Games and players vary from 5 vs 5 on average, but can be more players or less players.


  • Unnecessary Roughness Verbal Warning – This is issued when a player initiates forceful contact when someone is down on the ground or from behind when they aren’t looking.
  • Unnecessary Roughness Yellow Card – Any excessive dangerous aggressive behavior is not acceptable and the Event Coordinator/Referee may ask that player to not play until that player proves they will follow the rules.

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